fredag 4 januari 2019

On interbeing

"Distanced from the dying forests, the destitute workers, the hungry children, we do not know the source of our pain, but make no mistake- just because we don´t know the source doesn´t mean we don´t feel the pain. /---/
         How much of our dysfunctional, consumptive behavior is simply a futile attempt to run away from a pain that is in fact everywhere? Running from one purchase from another, one addictive fix to the next, a new car, a new cause, a new spiritual idea, a new self-help book, a bigger number in the bank account, the next news story, we gain each time a brief respite from feeling pain. The wound at it´s source never vanishes though. In the absent of distraction- those moment of what we call "boredom"- we can feel it´s discomfort."

"The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible" 
Charles Eisenstein
On interbeing

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