fredag 11 januari 2019

How to build a girl

"And you will be quite on your own when you do all this. There is no academy where you can learn to be yourself; there is no line manager, slowly urging you towards the correct answer. You are midwife to yourself, and will give birth to yourself, over and over, in dark rooms, alone.
   And some versions of you will end in dismal failure /.../ Others will achieve temporary success /.../  But one day you´ll find a version of you that will get you kissed, or befriended, or inspired, and you will make your notes accordingly: staying up all night to hone, and improvise upon a tiny snatch of melody that worked. Until -slowly, slowly- you make a viable version of you, one you can hum, every day. You´ll find the tiny, right piece of grit you can pearl around, until nature kicks in, and your shell will just quietly fill with magic, even while you´re busy doing other things. What your nurture began, nature will take over and start completing, until you stop having to think about who you´ll be entirely- as you´re too busy doing, now. And ten years will pass, without you even noticing."

"How to build a girl"
Caitlin Moran

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